Agency Development Manager, Google
As an Agency Development Manager within the Google Customer Solutions team, Kevin partners with Google's top performance agencies to drive growth and innovation across the agency and create strategic, forward-thinking initiatives to develop their employees and their clients. Prior, Kevin was a Senior Account Strategist working primarily with online retail, online-to-offline, and lead gen advertisers. Prior to Google, Kevin worked as a strategy team lead at a software startup, a tv producer, and college tour guide (spending most of the time walking backwards). When not working, Kevin can be found running and when not running, Kevin watches Formula 1 and a host of other bad sports teams. Kevin currently lives in Brooklyn until he can convince Google to open an office in Wisconsin.
Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer, IronFocus
Managing Partner, Norton Norris
Norton | Norris, A Division of the Reality Based Group
Director of Customer Success, TINT
SVP Marketing, Data & Technology, Elsmere Education
Elsmere Education
Senior Agency Account Strategist, Google
Account Strategist, Google
Marketing Executive, Krista Smith Marketing
Krista Smith Marketing
Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

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